Will Lawyers in Palm Beach, Florida


In these uncertain times, many individuals and families are taking a close look at their wills and estate plans. Moran & Associates is a will law firm in Palm Beach, Florida that can help you and your family draft a will that can offer you peace of mind regarding your legacy or we can review your current will to ensure it is up to date.


It is never recommended to attempt to draft a will without the assistance of a lawyer, as a will that has errors or a will that is not property executed could potentially cause problems when the will goes to probate. There have been many stories of individuals who have created and signed a will on their own only to later have the will be the source of costly disputes and uncertainty. Ambiguities or omissions in a will can have major implications.


This is why many families choose to draft a will with the assistance of a will lawyer, like Moran & Associates in Palm Beach, Florida. Our wills law firm can look at your financial situation, help you list all beneficiaries, list your assets, and assist you with drafting a will that is properly executed and able to go through the probate process with as little pain for your beneficiaries as possible.


We are living in a time of pandemic and great uncertainty. Do you have a will in place? Do you know what will happen to your assets should you suddenly and unexpectedly pass away? Is your will up to date? Moran & Associates is a will law firm in Palm Beach, Florida that may be able to help you.


What Should Be Included in My Will?

When drafting a will, details matter. Details include accounting for all your assets, accounting for all beneficiaries, choosing an executor, and making sure that the will is properly signed. Moran & Associates is a will law firm in Palm Beach, Florida that can review your situation to account for these factors when writing a thorough will. Here are some things to consider when writing your will:


    • Identify all your beneficiaries. You should also consider choosing alternate beneficiaries. What happens if you and your spouse die together? Who is next in the line of succession?


    • Make sure you thoroughly list all your important assets. Obvious assets will include your car, your home, investments, bank accounts, and retirement accounts. But what about family heirlooms? What about items that may not have a monetary value, but have sentimental value to your family? What about your pets? In most jurisdictions pets are still considered property. What will happen to your pets should you pass away?


    • Name a personal representative. The person who will administer your will after you die and take your will to court is the personal representative. This person has an immense responsibility. He or she will need to account for your assets, attend court dates, and make sure your debts and other financial responsibilities are paid before assets are distributed to beneficiaries. He or she will need to locate beneficiaries, and handle your last financial affairs. It is a good idea to talk to your children and loved ones about who might want to handle this responsibility and who can be trusted to do this job, or hire someone to do this for you.


    • Name a guardian for your children. If you have minor children, naming who will care for them should you pass away is also important to include in your estate plan. Be sure to talk to the person you plan to name, and be sure to also include alternative caretakers. In this time of coronavirus, it is important to have alternative options.


    • Make sure the will is properly witnessed and signed. A will that is not properly witnessed and signed could run into trouble in probate court. Making sure that the will is properly executed is important.


These are just some of the things you’ll need to consider when writing your will. The wills attorneys at Moran & Associates in Palm Beach, Florida can help you with the process. Our firm can help you evaluate your estate so that you do not miss anything important. If you have already written a will, it is never too late to have a lawyer look everything over a second time, especially during these uncertain times. Contact Moran & Associates, a Palm Beach, Florida wills law firm today.


Contact Moran & Associates to Review Your Will Today

Even if you already have a will in place, given changes that have resulted from the coronavirus pandemic, now might be a good time to review your will.


This pandemic is predicted to last months and even years into the future and is likely to impact a family’s investments, retirement accounts, and financial plans. Reviewing your will today to make sure you are ready for the unexpected is a good idea. Now is also a good time to make sure that your will is properly signed and executed and that no key details have been missed. If you haven’t named alternative beneficiaries, now might also be a good time to make those adjustments.


Need someone to help you with your will, or just need an attorney’s review of your will? Moran & Associates is a will law firm in Palm Beach, Florida that can review your will and help you draft a will. We can also review your financial situation to determine whether other estate planning tools might be needed—like a trust or medical directives.